Best Sales I Ever Had, Taking A Break, Autumn’s Comin’, Where I Live

17 Apr

Today is my best sales day ever, and it’s still only ten o’clock! Of course, that’s got a lot to do with releasing Imogen Shroud yesterday, but still. I’ve sold six books today! That’s amazing! Especially since one of them is Miya Black II, gosh I love it when that one sells. Probably I should work on getting Miya Black III out.

But I think instead I’m going to have a day off, a proper day off. I’m going to take my family to the museum, there’s an exhibit about the early settling of Nelson that I’m interested in–I LOVE that stuff, it makes me excited just to think about it, the thought of people coming to a wild place and building from nothing. Also, it’s sunny today! Finally some nice weather. I know it’s Autumn but the weather’s been just miserable lately, I’m so happy to see blue skies and hear birds singing. And I can see the hills! Autumn’s creeping over them, slowly but surely. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a good rainy day, or the way the hills get shrouded in mist, but it does start to wear after a couple of days.

Video for this happy cheery not-really-writing-related post? Here’s a little look at where I live, narrated by a guy with an Australian accent (“It’s like the evil version of our accent” – Jemaine, FotC). It took me far too long to find this, there’s a shocking paucity of Nelson, NZ videos on YouTube. Anyway:

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