Giving Giveaways Another Go, Don’t Write Kid’s Books (if sales are important to you), Awkward Sentences, Nearing Release (exciting)

15 Apr

I’ve decided to give giveaways another go. That sentence was appalling, let me try again. I’ve decided to try doing another giveaway. That was even worse, third time’s the charm. I’m doing … although previously … LibraryThing …

Oh, cuss it. I’m doing a giveaway on LibraryThing. Once they confirm my ‘author status’ (fancy!) I’m going to give away a potential twenty-five copies of The Boy & Little Witch. Why this title? Because it doesn’t get any love and that makes me a bit sad. I haven’t sold even a single copy to anyone outside of my family, and I know it’s not an exciting story of pirates or superheroes or gloomy girls and zombies (The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud, releasing soon, zombie fans!) but it’s … it’s really just a nice gentle story about friendship and innocence and forgetting and I think people would enjoy it if they’d give it a chance. I know MG and kid’s books are the hardest sell on Kindle right now, but maybe if it’s for free and brought to the attention of the wonderfully ravenous readers of LibraryThing (those guys do have a reputation–a GREAT reputation!) then maybe it’ll find a home … a home … in their hearts.

*waits for literally everyone reading this post to finish throwing up*

So anyway! Imogen Shroud is going well. I’m over the usual ‘this is rubbish I’m rubbish everything I’ve ever created is rubbish I can’t find my socks where are my socks there was a cup of tea here a minute ago where is it now oh a-bloo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo’ stage and I’m through into the cold, clear, ‘this is what all of your efforts have produced, this is what you have ultimately created; judge it’ stage. There are a couple of things I’d probably change, if I had access to a way-back machine. There are a few aspects of the book that I’m not entirely sure about.

But overall I like it a lot and I think other people will, too. It’s good. It’s a good book. It’s worthy of publication. I’m proud to have my name on it, and I’m excited to release it into the wild.

Although I think I will either move up or push back the release date. Putting a book out on the exact day that Portal 2 gets released just isn’t good sense. Probably I’ll move it up, I’m ahead of schedule and I’m confident I can have everything finished and polished and ready by the 16th. April 16th … that seems like an auspicious date. And people have got to do something while they’re waiting for Portal 2, right? They might as well be reading a chuffing grand book about a gloomy (but savvy) girl and her dealings with those pesky ol’ undead. 16th here would be the 15th in the US, or near enough. Sounds good to me! Maybe I’ll just finish this proof before I commit myself, though. I might discover some hideous plothole or something in the last 40% and need an extra day to properly flagellate myself.


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2 responses to “Giving Giveaways Another Go, Don’t Write Kid’s Books (if sales are important to you), Awkward Sentences, Nearing Release (exciting)

  1. Mo

    April 15, 2011 at 08:41

    LOL, you know you’re a gamer when you take the release dates of major games into consideration for the release of your book!

    • Ben White

      April 15, 2011 at 12:59

      I know that on that day I, for one, am not going to be thinking about anything but portals.


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