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09 Apr

Today, I got my first real (ie not from my dad) review, for Resonance: Birds Of Passage. I’m going to reproduce it here, because I’m happy and excited and happy (I know I said that already but I’m double-happy):

“Birds of Passage is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read. It starts off with a series of `vignettes’ introducing a quite daunting number of characters, all with one common thread. Normally, I might have seen this vast array of characters and put the book down as `too confusing’. But it was never confusing, simply because each and every character is carefully and uniquely drawn so that they stay individuals, easy to distinguish throughout the book.

The threads of the vignettes are then drawn together into one story, a story that twists and turns and grows ever more exciting. Under the watchful eye of Fin, the young characters come together to a common purpose, to find a statue lost by Fin long ago. Or is that the real purpose? Fin is kept tantalisingly mysterious, so that the reader is never really sure what it is that he’s aiming for. Meanwhile others with similar powers are also being gathered by another, their motives more sinister.

I can’t say I `liked’ the ending, but I did like the fact that the temptation to let the `goodies’ win and the `baddies’ lose wasn’t taken. It’s an ending that leaves the reader thinking and in my case, very much looking forward to the sequel.

While the premise of the book – people with super powers being drawn together for whatever purpose – may not be entirely original, the execution of it in Birds of Passage is creative. It’s well written, interesting, and thought-provoking. All in all, a very good read.”

PERFECT REVIEW. Not because of the five stars (did I mention this wonderful person gave it five stars? This wonderful person gave it five stars) but because of the understanding. Isn’t this what all artists strive for? To entertain, and to have their work be understood. It’s just … it’s just so nice when someone gets what you were trying to do. Honestly, it made me cry.

Very, very happy.

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