Live From The Set Of The Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

09 Apr

Apparently this is going to get me a million hits: I worked on the set of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Not really. I mean, I didn’t. That was what we in the writing profession call “a lie”, or if we’re feeling whippish, “storytelling”. If you came here looking for information about Grey’s Anatomy then I apologise, I have nothing to offer you. Might I suggest the Grey’s Anatomy TVTropes page? Or if you’re interested in learning about the real Gray’s Anatomy then you can find it online here. It’s actually very interesting and extremely well-written–and as a bonus, all of the doctor characters on Grey’s Anatomy would have had to have read it as part of their training! So there’s a connection there, too.

Anyway, editing is proceeding apace, I’ve got around fifty pages to go but everything’s ramping up to the climax now so it’s easy reading. Caught a few errors today, and made a few minor changes, but in general I’m feeling happy about this being the final edit. Just proofing after this, and then I’ll be able to publish. Which is why I’m announcing:

The Official Release Date Of “The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud”


In more musical news, Laura Shigihara did a 28 second arrangement of Frog’s Theme from Chrono Trigger, it’s short and sweet and lovely:

Frog’s Theme is my favourite piece of music from Chrono Trigger. I hum it to myself if I need to be courageous.

Also, Neil Gaiman pointed me towards this wonderful historical video, I sincerely recommend that you watch it:

“Pencils … giant pencils …”

Finally, for all of you Grey’s Anatomy fans still here, I was going to treat you to the Grey’s Anatomy Caramelldansen–but nobody’s made one! Internet, you have sorely failed all of us tonight. So instead, here’s the House MD Caramelldansen:

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