Big Editing, Looking Forward To Publishing, Impatient (but picky), Laura Shigihara (is pretty rad)

08 Apr

Biiiiiiiig editing day today, slow morning but decent afternoon followed by a sedate but productive evening. Caught a few errors, tightened a few sentences, generally made things better. I think this can safely be the last editing run, just a proof or two after this and I’ll be ready to publish. I’m going to be relieved once I hit that ‘publish’ button, I can’t even tell you. I don’t think I could handle being a writer who only puts out a book every year or two, I’d just get too impatient. Too many stories! It’s actually just as well that I’m so picky and perfectionistic (regarding my own work, anyway), otherwise I might be tempted just to let things go. I couldn’t do it, though. Not even to save a week of editing and proofing. There is a point beyond which you have to say “This is as good as I can reasonably get it, the improvement I’d get from another proofing run just isn’t worth the effort”, but I haven’t reached that point yet, not with ImoShrou, not with Miya Black III.

One thing’s for sure, after I release Imogen Shroud and Miya Black III into the wild I’m definitely going to have a nice long break. At least, oh, two hours.

Are you aware of Laura Shigihara? She’s the composer for the Plants Vs Zombies soundtrack, among others, and a very talented girl/lady/woman/thing. Brainiac Maniac is a masterpiece. Here’s her playing Chrono Trigger’s “To Good Friends” on piano:

And here’s Dr Zomboss, which is kind of a remix of Brainiac Maniac:

Miyario loves that one, by the way. Excellent taste, that girl.

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