Didn’t get much editing done but hey! At least we had some laughs.

06 Apr

I had a lot of fun on Twitter today, with the #HollywoodPostItNote tag:

“CGI Eastwood (young) beats up real Eastwood (old). Not a movie.” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Fletch set in the 17th century: Fletcher” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Could we do something with cockroaches? Has Pixar done cockroaches?” #Dreamworks #HollywoodPostItNote

“Buscemi = Chopin, Hoffman = Liszt – buddy pic, solve ‘musical mystery'” #HollywoodPostItNote #IWouldTotallyWatchThis

“Will Smith in fat suit? Too soon?” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Dangerous Minds but less ethnic. Possible Bieber vehicle?” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Monkey Island: The Movie. Owen Wilson as Guybrush? Tim Curry = LeChuck.” #HollywoodPostItNote #KindOfWishThisWasTrue

“Maus but all characters played by real actors (REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS CONCEPT)” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Cats evolve opposable thumbs, get guns, swear, drink etc. Tarantino to direct?” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Dangerous Liasions, but with poodles” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Proletariat Joe vs Vampire Stalin – too highbrow?” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Angela’s Ashes … with MUPPETS” #HollywoodPostItNote

“Rodney Dangerfield: due for a comeback? (Note: Contact CGI department re: ‘Virtual Resurrection’ project)” #HollywoodPostItNote

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