Pirate Pajamas: A Short Play

04 Apr

Ben (excited about bedtime because of his new pirate pajamas): *searches futilely through the house* Where are my new pajamas? *Heads through to kitchen* Do you know where my new pajamas are?

Super-Wife: You have to wash them first.

Ben: What? No! That’s just a suggestion. They’re fine. Where are they?

Super-Wife: It says ‘wash before wearing’. There’s a big sticker.

Ben: I don’t care! I’m a pirate, I don’t listen to stickers! Or … or read them, or whatever–or I do read them, but I then disregard what they say. Basically what I’m saying is that no foolish STICKER tells THIS pirate what to do! *continues searching for the pajamas*

Super-Wife: Hmm.

Ben (somewhat pleadingly): So where are they?

Super-Wife: If you find them then you can wear them.

Ben: Well I … well I can’t find them.

(He gives up the search. Exeunt omnes.)


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