Sick Babies, Teething Babies, Not Being Quite As Ready As You Thought You Were, Lots Of Editing

02 Apr

We’ve got a sick baby and a teething baby at the moment, so everyone’s a leetle tired. Sitting quietly and proofing is about all I can manage.

Except! Except Miya Black III isn’t nearly as ‘ready’ as I thought it was. In my utopian fantasies it just needed a quick proof for typos and it’d be ready to publish, but no … no, it’s far from that stage. I’d say it needs one more editing pass and then a proof at the least. Sigh. The problem is that since I wrote it I’ve become a better writer, so I keep seeing these bits and going “Well that’s no good, you’re telling when you should be showing, this dialogue is clumsy, you’re using too many contractions, you already USED ‘bright’ TWICE on the last page, what were you thinking?”. I’m only 40% through and already I have 220 notes–clearly, I converted it too soon. So, it’s back to doing another editing run, and then I’ll reconvert it afterwards. At this rate Imogen Shroud will be ready before this one.

So, my current plan is to fix all the mistakes I’ve already found, then edit on from there, then do one more proofing pass, and THEN convert and do a final proof on the Kindle. So, my current to-do list is something like:

Editing run on MBIII
Proofing run on ImoShrou
Proofing run on MBIII
Convert ImoShrou to .mobi; proof on Kindle
Convert MBIII to .mobi; proof on Kindle

What’s the lesson here? Make sure your manuscript is ready for the final proofing run before you convert it. Otherwise you’ll just end up wasting time and find yourself conflicted.

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