Tightening Scenes, Incorrect, Poor English (disappointing), Why Write (if you don’t enjoy it), Yet More Editing

30 Mar

Working hard on tightening one particular action scene. It’s kind of a turning point in the book, not just an excuse to show a bunch of zombies being taken out but a moment of character development and realisation–transformation, in a sense. As such it’s important to get it just right, make sure that all the action beats work and that everything’s clear and flowing as it should be. At the moment I think it’s good, but I’m tweaking it towards ‘great’.

Search term for the day: “photos of a white girls who’s nick name is b.j.”

I am sincerely sorry to have disappointed you.

Couple of odd things came up today and yesterday, things that made me stop and go “Hm”. Because I wasn’t feeling so good I was just bumming around reading blogs and articles and other things, mostly by indie authors, and for some–not all, certainly not all, but more than one–the lack of basic English ability was astonishing. I’m not even talking about style, I’m talking about dropped capitals, your/you’re confusion, a complete disregard for the common comma, subject/verb disagreements (or full-blown arguments in some cases), just really, really, REALLY basic things that, to me at least, indicate a lack of respect for the language these people are (allegedly) using to write books. Am I a grammar snob? Possibly. Certain things bother me but I don’t get uptight about them unless it would be funny to do so, I just think, I don’t know, if you’re writing books, if you’re claiming yourself as an author then surely you should know when to use ‘your’ and when to use ‘you’re’ … right? I mean it’s not difficult, the easiest way to remember is to LEARN WHEN TO USE THE RIGHT ONE. Your is the possessive form of ‘you’, you’re means ‘you are’, THAT’S IT. There is literally nothing more to it than that.

The second thing that makes me go “Hm” is the startling number of (alleged) writers who claim to dislike writing. I do not understand this one at all. People who treat it like a chore, “Got to get these two thousand words out so I can get on with something useful”, why are you writing if you don’t enjoy it? Are there people out there who think this is a fast way to an easy dollar? Who are forcing themselves to write novels because they … what? Baffling. Utterly baffling. I’ve noticed almost all of those who act like this write thrillers or crime novels; possible connection? Are thrillers really awful to write? But then I’ve seen loads of thriller writers gushing about how much fun they’re having with their latest project so THAT doesn’t work, really it just makes no sense to me. I’m going to put this whole thing aside because if I spend any more time thinking about it I’m going to start bleeding out of my ears or something equally horrid.

Coming up to the end of the month now. Soon all my sales will go back to zero. At that time I’ll do a reflective post about my second month–my first full month–as an indie author and how things are going, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, what I’ve accomplished, how I feel about the future, all of that good stuff. One of my infamous State Of My Personal Indie Nation addresses, in fact! So that’ll be fun. Until then I’ll just sit back and … well, no, I won’t, because I’ve got editing to do. Lots of editing! Copious amounts of editing! So dang ol’ much editing to do you can barely circumnavigate the pair.

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