Slightly Better (still not 100%), Delayed Responsibility, Hidden Errors (sneaky), Openings (maybe a weakness?)

29 Mar

Kind of better tonight but didn’t have such a productive day (due to general achey not-so-wellness). New B.J.K. Write episode tomorrow, haven’t been in a funny/silly/not quietly moaning to myself self-pityingly enough mood to put one together today. Because you have to take this kind of thing seriously, you know.

I did manage to do some editing, although it was perhaps the least efficient editing I’ve ever done. My rewrites will need rewriting. I did find quite a few mistakes, which is good. It’s always a little worrying when you don’t find any, because you know they must be there. Still, on-track to finish tomorrow, just another seventy-odd pages to go. I still like this story, which is a good sign. Usually by this point in the second pass I’m starting to get sick of it, but I always feel eager to get on to the next bit. I think the pacing especially is good, and the change-ups work well. Although the start is slow … I feel like ‘openings’ might be my weakness, I like a slow buildup, a measured introduction of setting and characters and mood and tone, before the action happens. First lines especially I have trouble with, I know they’re supposed to be this big hook but to be honest I never pay that much attention to them–in other peoples’ work, I mean. As far as I’m concerned all the first line has to do is get me to the second line. Buildup, you see? ‘Single great lines’ are for pay-offs, not set-ups.

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