Sick, Aching, Ginger Tea (is lovely), Forgotten Sections, Still More Editing

28 Mar

Ugh. Sick. I don’t even know what it is, probably some kind of flu. Nose is fine, throat is a little dry, vision is okay, body is aching horribly. Stomach is twitchy, although I had some ginger tea and that seems to have helped.

Despite this, I edited my little heart out today, found a bunch of mistakes I could’ve sworn I corrected in the last pass, found an entire section I’d somehow entirely forgotten to write (how embarrassing), added a few things that needed to be there, deleted a bunch of things that added nothing to the story, and generally improved things to no end. I also reached my goal of one hundred pages edited for the day. Around a hundred and fifty to go now, so I should get through those by Wednesday or Thursday. After that it’s on to Miya Black III. Really feeling quite keen to get that one out, although not so keen as to bypass quality control. Kind of looking forward to reading it again, too. It’s kind of a long one at 450 pages/135k words, so it’ll take probably four or five days to get through. Actually … I might even convert it to .mobi format, get that all out of the way and read it properly on my Kindle as it will be published. That sounds sensible. With any luck there’ll be hardly any mistakes in it (seeing as I’ve done I-can’t-even-remember-how-many passes on it already) so any I find I can just correct in both the .html and .odt files I’m just burbling to myself now so I’ll stop.

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