‘Groove’, Crying Baby, Night Iceblock, Duntleburg (population: me), No Tea, My Target

28 Mar

Another day, and another sale! Could it be that I’m getting my ‘groove’ back? Or could it be possible … could it just be possible … that my ‘groove’ was inside me the entire time?

Miya was up last night crying, for no raisin. No raisin that I could deduce, anyway. Possibly a nightmare? But she usually calms down pretty quickly from those, and this was a prolonged cry. In any case we sat in the dark (“Should I put the light on?” “NooOOooo~”) and shared an iceblock, which calmed her down, then I heated up some milk for her and she drank that and then went back to sleep, in our bed. She kept half-waking and grizzling and kicking me in the stomach or head (it’s amazing how a small child can shift) so I talked to her until she went back to sleep. “What did you do today?” “Mm.” “Did you go out?” “Mm.” “What did you see?” “… mm.” “Did you see a dog?” “Mm.” “Did you talk to the dog?” “Mm.” “What did you say to the dog?” “… herro …” “What did the dog say?” “… wan wan …” “Was there a cat too?” “… mm.” “Did you talk to the cat?” “Zzzzzzz.”

So because of all that I’m feeling a teeny bit duntish ‘on it’ this morning. I haven’t had any tea yet (“yet”, he says, as if tea is inevitable), but my stomach’s doing funny things and I feel that the liquid-hot adrenaline shot of a properly made cup of tea wouldn’t be the best thing for it right now. Instead I will nibble this wafer and sup at this distilled water (just kidding, I don’t have a wafer) (and the water isn’t distilled) (I don’t know why I said it was) and reflect on the changes occurring in the world today while I recover.

But anyway! Today I have editing to do. One hundred pages of it, in fact. That is the goal I have set myself; the goal I shall achieve.

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