No Sales (but that’s okay), Character Songs, Slowburn, Pointless Javascript (is annoying)

27 Mar

No sales today … yet! That’s fine, because I now know what Imogen Shroud’s song is. This isn’t a big deal or anything, it’s not like I have to find a song for every single one of my characters, but it’s fun when it happens. I just recently ‘refreshed’ my playlist, put literally every song I have back in there (after a few months of deleting songs off it basically there’s only Suicide Mission and Investigation – Overtaked! left), including all the Stellar* mp3s I made, oh, years ago. And I was editing and listening to music and Slowburn came on and I thought “this song would be good for a slow, thoughtful, tense action scene like the one I’m editing right this instant POP”. That ‘POP’ was a Sudden Realisation, by the way. So now Imogen’s song is Stellar*’s Slowburn. Ironically, she probably wouldn’t even like it. But then she’s not really a music sort of person.

My current pet peeve is lyrics sites that–what is this song? This is really pretty, “Misekai no Arika”, I think this is from Haibane Renmei, it’s in amongst a bunch of other HR songs anyway–don’t just show you the lyrics but instead put them in a silly little javascript app, just show the lyrics! They’re plain text, you couldn’t GET more plainerer! Why do you have to complicate things? It used to be so simple, back in my day– (Quite enough of that, I think -Ed.)

Today’s schedule is fairly loose. Mostly just editing, and maybe take a look at some cover stuff sometime. Apart from–oh my goodness the Chinese version of Eyes On Me is AWFUL, why do I even have this? Um, as I was saying, apart from that, I’m free. Free!

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