Flapping Loose, Working Too Hard (you can do both), Targets, Formatting, Super-Wife’s Advice

27 Mar

I’ve been flapping loose the last couple of days, so I need to focus and get myself back on track. Targets are what I need, solid goals. It’s … Sunday today, which means–good gracious, it’s Sunday already? How time does fly. Anyway, that means it’s a new week, which is perfect for my purposes.

What I need to do now is finish this editing run on Imogen Shroud, that has to be my top priority. After that it needs to cool for a while, so I should do something else. Namely, the ‘final’ run on Miya Black III. If it passes my quality control (ie less than one (corrected) mistake per hundred pages) then I’ll judge it ‘ready’ and start formatting it for publication. I also need to work on the cover for Imogen Shroud, and do a check on MBIII’s cover, too. Power Play is a distant third in the priority stakes, but maybe if I get everything else done and feel the need to do some actual writing I can take a look at that. Anything else? Oh, make the chapter headings for ImoShrou–although a lot of people say it’s not so important, I think good formatting shows that you respect yourself, your work, and the reader. I’m happy with the way all of my e-books are formatted, but I consider them to be the bare minimum–adequate, with non-indented first paragraphs (distressingly rare in e-books, I’ve noticed) and proper page breaks and no weird little suddenly indented blocks of text or anything like that. Just good clean HTML with simple CSS (because let’s face it, ‘simple’ is all the Kindle can handle when it comes to CSS). Imogen Shroud will have proper fancily-formatted chapter heading graphics and all of that good ‘extra’ stuff–unnecessary, yes, but if you can make something better then why wouldn’t you?

Aside from any of that, though, is the fact that I’ve been working too hard lately. Flapping loose AND working too hard? It might seem like a contradiction in terms but there you go, apparently not. It was, as usual, Super-Wife who had to bring this to my attention, telling me that out of a typical sixteen hours awake I’m working for at least fourteen. I was too busy to notice. There’s just so much to do! But she’s right–I have to slow down. There’s no rush. I’m quite a bit ahead of my self-imposed schedule because, well, I work for fourteen hours a day.

Now let’s all forget our troubles with a laughing baby:

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