More Covers, Publish/Don’t Publish, Possibly Being Sensible (Or Not)

26 Mar

An hour of fiddling, mostly with layers, and I’m happy with the results (old on the left, new on the right):

Not quite as good as it could be yet, but I like this new cover enough that it’s pushing me towards publishing this thing. But then again … it’s not that I think it’s bad, quite the opposite, just … I don’t know, maybe because it’s not original writing? I mean yes obviously it IS original, I’m not just repackaging someone else’s writing … I don’t know. If there’s even a small part of me saying “Maybe you shouldn’t publish this”, should I listen to that? And yet on the other hand, what could it hurt? It’s already written, it would take maybe a dozen hours to edit and format, and then that’s another book out there with my name on it for people to (potentially) read and (possibly) enjoy. Writing (or ‘adapting’) old stories is fun, too, and easy … and I could definitely see the potential for popularity, there’s a nice blend of the familiar and the new, and there are some pretty funny bits in there for those with an absurd/surreal/just plain silly sense of humour.

Probably I should just let this one sit. Focus on the things that I definitely DO want to publish. That sounds sensible. Will I follow my own sensible suggestion? Time will tell.

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