Avoiding Editing, Power Play, Intelligent Characters (I like them), Getting Back To Work

25 Mar

So I’ve got editing to do on Imogen Shroud, I’ve got Miya Black III to go through, I have experiments to run and research to be done but what am I doing? I’m reading through what I have of Power Play. This isn’t productive. It’s just fun. Also this is way better and less fluffy than I remember it being (when I wrote it a couple of days ago; amazing the difference even a small time-buffer can make). Or maybe it’s just me who enjoys characters being intelligent and working things out in dialogue. Hmm. I think as long as it doesn’t drag on for pages it’s fine. I actually have a rule for myself; no more than a page and a half of dialogue without something happening to break it up. I love dialogue, you see, and I love characters, but just having them yammering on with nothing else happening isn’t so good. Anyway, I read it and it’s good and I was disappointed when I got to the end and there wasn’t any more. Which is a Good Sign.

Still, though. Power Play isn’t a priority right now. It’s fine to relax and just do what you like sometimes, but we do not live in the land of Doing-As-You-Please. We live in the land of Working-Bloody-Hard-To-Make-Things-Good. Writing is the easy part, it’s true, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just that it’s easier than everything else, that’s all.

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