Proofing, Suspicious Lack Of Errors, Followers, Fun Panic, Crisis Of Genre, I Love Being An Indie Author

24 Mar

I’m just about finished with the first proofing run on Imogen Shroud–I don’t want to jinx anything but there have been far less errors and clumsy sentences and so forth in this than in other things I’ve written. No major story changes needed, either–not even minor ones actually. Could it be that I’ve produced a near-perfect first draft? But that NEVER happens! Although I did spend a lot more time outlining this one … well, anyway, I’m paranoid about typos and things so I’m going to do at least two more runs through it, but it could be that I’m ready to release it in just a week or two. I’m already getting the pre-release jitters. Note: Have to work on the cover sometime.

Also, as of writing this, I have exactly 100 followers on Twitter. How on earth did that happen? I’ve only been using it a week! This isn’t false modesty or anything, I’m genuinely baffled at this. I am following quite a few people myself, but that’s because … well, people are interesting. Anyway, I’m having fun with it and that’s the main thing. I still think the 140 character limit is about three dozen too short, though.

Had a fun little panic today, a crisis of genre. “Nobody reads young adult fiction! People only want romances with naked torsos on the cover and thrillers and mysteries, even fantasy sells better! There’s no one like me who wants young adult fiction for adults who read young adult fiction, that genre doesn’t even exist! What am I doing?”

Fortunately it passed quickly. I love writing young adult fiction, I don’t care if there’s not much of a market for it. (Well, for non-vampire non-paranormal-romance non-whiny-teenager-complains-about-her-life YA fiction, anyway.) I could force myself to write romances or thrillers or whatever if all I wanted was success, but I know I’d be miserable doing it. Well not MISERABLE, but less happy than I am now, less satisfied with what I produce. I was looking over my novels–the print editions–today, and I couldn’t help thinking, “Six novels in one year, and I’m proud of all of them. This is great, I love what I’m doing, there is no better life than the one I’m leading”. I love being an indie author, I love the indie community, this is all like a fantastic dream. Why yes, I DID sell a book today, how could you tell? In the UK, I have always said that the British have excellent taste. Selling a book is always great.

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