Entropy & Optimism, Optimism & Entropy

23 Mar

Optimism and entropy, Neil Gaiman once said, are the twin forces that make the universe go round. And you know something? He was blimmin’ well right. Today, I’m optimistic. I feel good about myself and about the future. Mostly because yesterday I did absolutely nothing in the way of writing. I didn’t so much as look at my current projects–okay, fine, I have to be honest, I did read a little of the Imogen Shroud preview PDF on my Kindle, but that was as much for relaxation as anything. (I can’t be the only one who finds editing-and-proofing relaxing, can I?) (Besides, I wasn’t even P&Eing, just flagging the odd typo and reading for the story.) It’s funny how you never release you’ve been working too hard until you stop. I was working far too hard. Not just on Imogen Shroud, but on everything–I wasn’t just writing 10,000+ words a day, I was outlining and researching and doing covers and writing bjournal entries and basically every single spare second of the day was spent working. I needed a day off, a proper day off.

You know what I dislike about piracy, the modern software-theft kind? It has completely overshadowed proper pirates. The same with these Sommalian buggers, they’ve just taken all the romance out of it, haven’t they? Every single time I see a forum post or a Twitter link with ‘pirate’ in it I get excited, only to be let down when I realise it’s the boring type of pirate. My take on the issue? Who caaaaaaares. I’m happy if someone reads my books, if they also paid for them that’s just a bonus.

Having far too much fun with “B.J.K. Write with B.J.K. White”–I’m getting a lot of responses for it, too. A surprising number, to be honest. I thought I might get one or two, but I already have seven with a couple more possibly coming. Hopefully I’ll get enough that I can roll the whole thing over into a ‘second season’–change up the questions and maybe the format, I don’t know, I just like that kind of thing. That way I could also have people who’ve been on once before come back, it’d be fun.

Also, it’s funny, I wasn’t thinking of it as a promotional activity at all, just a bit of fun and maybe a way to help out my fellow indies, but it’s pretty much tripled the traffic to this bjournal already. I should have known, this is always what happens, isn’t it? You give up searching and you sit down and your gaze just happens to fall on the exact right spot.

In any case, I’m having a blast with it and I can already see that people are going and looking at the featured book, hopefully it’ll lead to some new connections, author to reader, it makes me feel good to think I could be helping other indie authors so directly. I can’t take any credit, though–at the most, all I’m doing is helping expose their work. But I’m glad to do that. And in such a fun way, too.

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