The End Of The Benginning

22 Mar

Today I reached into a bag of apples and pulled out an avocado.

That isn’t a metaphor, by the way.

Every single e-book I’ve sampled lately has started with at least a page–sometimes up to six(!)–of ‘praise for this book/author’. Maybe it’s just me being proud and stubborn and contrary and bloody-minded, but that instantly puts me in a negative frame of mind. I’ve already downloaded the sample–I might even have BOUGHT the book!–and yet you’re still trying to sell it to me. Why? Back off, give me some space, let me make up my own mind.

One thing that this whole *waves hand to encapsulate the whole grand self-publishing indie author iconoclastic shebang* has made me realise is that I’m really weird–even weirder than I thought I was. I don’t see that as a bad thing, ‘normality’ has never been a goal for me, but it can make engaging with people difficult. Also, I think I’m getting a cold. That may not seem like it has anything to do with the rest of this paragraph, and to be perfectly honest it doesn’t. I just needed a way to round things off so I could move on.

And here we are! In the next paragraph. This paragraph is much nicer than that last one, I’m sure you’d agree. Before we get too ‘meta’ I’ll get to the next thing I wanted to talk about, which is that I am probably going to change my ‘author name’. More than one person has indicated that it would be a good move, I personally think that BJK White sounds cool, and also … also that ‘Notorious Jew Hater’ thing kind of bothers me more than a little bit. (Important Note: I am not a Notorious Jew Hater. I don’t hate anyone. Honestly, I really don’t.)

BJK Factoid #178: I don’t hate anyone.

This after I further investigated the ‘hassle level’ of doing so and found it was actually ‘no hassle at all’, which is the maximum amount of hassle I’m equipped for right now. I’m doing a test today, and if it works, I’ll be changing all of my books over, um, soonish. Now I just have to decide if I want to put periods in or not:

B.J.K. White
BJK White
B J K White


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