Imogen Shroud is nothing like that dream, by the way

22 Mar

I have absolutely no memory of writing this:

January 14th, 2010 – My ‘zombie killing one-liners’ made absolutely no sense, though. “Ukulele to your face!”, what?

In the final level, you ride a bike up a rocket that’s blasting off into space to fight the giant stone statue/god at the top of said rocket. Said fight ends with you punching the god’s soul into the sun.

There’s more to it than that, of course. But Bayonetta is, in a nutshell, utterly bonkers fun. (With that said it’s not quite as good as Godhand, but then what is?)

Perhaps related to Bayonetta, I had a brilliantly fun zombie apocalypse dream last night, it was mostly set in and around some kind of zoo (except without any animals), and my assistant was this unbelievably energetic and bouncy girl who wore stripy red and white stockings and a white dress-thing and a cool overcoat. She wielded twin giant ceramic candy canes, while I mostly used whatever I could pick up (there were a surprising number of swords around for a zoo). My weapons kept breaking, but this was less of a case of “Oh crap, my weapon’s broken!” than “Oh yay, what should I use next?”. At one point we came across a bunch of zombies standing around dancing and had a dance fight with them. Then there was a giant earthquake and more zombies kept coming out of the cracks. Eventually we got out of the zoo just as the ground beneath our feet cracked and a big chunk of asphalt formed a kind of ‘posing platform’. After that things kind of dissolved into dream-stuff but it was fun while it lasted.

I wish I had dreams like that more often.

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