Another Lazy Tuesday

22 Mar

Today I have no stomach for self-promotion. Maybe I’m relapsing. I thought I was getting good for a while there but today, hmm, nope. It could be because I didn’t have a particularly great writing day yesterday, that’s a possibility.

It’s grey and murky dismal outside (if you get this reference then you’re great), perfect weather for sitting hunched over a keyboard proofing-and-editing.

Another blaaaaast from the paaaaaast, this from the 18th of March, 2010. More than a year ago now:

It’s actually kind of terrible how much ‘how well my writing is going’ affects my mood. I’ve been stuck on the fifth book in one of the series I’m currently writing for over a month now (in short: CAN’T FIND THE STORY), so I spent the last couple of days reading every book leading up to this again (well, ‘proofing and editing’, anyway). It didn’t help SO much with the problems I’m having with the fifth book, but I enjoyed reading them so much (especially books 3 & 4) that it left me feeling totally great about myself. I’ve also decided that fifty pages (out of a 300 – 400 page book) are perfect for getting into the ‘meat’ of a story; by that point the protag’s motivation and goal should be clear, they should be well on their way, and at least one point of conflict should have been clearly introduced. Longer than that and it usually feels a bit ‘drag-y’, especially on subsequent readings, shorter and it feels rushed. (The first book takes ninety pages to really get into things, and it’s definitely too many. How MANY too many? Well, about forty too many. The first draft of book two took about twenty-five, which was way too rushed–but actually that whole draft was unbelievably fast-paced, it would’ve worked as a movie but not as a novel. Second draft, and the main plot kicks in at … fifty-eight pages.)

Also I found these mini-movie reviews I did last year and they made me smile:

(500) Days Of Summer: Slightly gimmicky but also slightly great, and the dance sequence was three tiers of fun. The French arthouse cinema bit was also excellent.

Fantastic Mr Fox: Wes Anderson makes a kid’s movie and it totally works.

Where The Wild Things Are: I still don’t really know how I actually feel about this movie. I have to say that I liked it, while at the same time even thinking about it makes me feel slightly uneasy and actually a little bit sick. I think that if I’d seen this movie while I was under the age of, say, twelve, it would’ve scared the crap out of me. In other words, ten year-old me was completely freaked out by it.

Grown-up me, however, thinks that more than a ‘kid’s movie’, it felt like a movie for adults about BEING a kid. One thing I am definite about is that I loved how Max was a kid–not a precocious pre-adult, not a wise-beyond-his-years child sage, and not a watered-down for adult consumption grown-up’s vision of what a child might be, but an actual kid, a slightly feral eight-nine-ten-year old whose brain is wired directly to imagination, completely free of a mature sense of what might be reasonable, who can swing from laughter to tears in the space of a second, and who can love something and be scared of it at the same time.

So, yes, I liked it. But it completely freaked me out.

Star Trek: So much fun and so cool and Karl Urban’s Bones was fantastic. And Chekov! Fantastic Mr Chekov!

Wolverine: So stupid but SO fun. I honestly think they presented Deadpool in the way they did just to annoy people, though.

GI Joe: See Wolverine except multiply the ‘stupid’ by five (and ignore the comment about Deadpool, obv). With that said I adored how they presented Snake Eyes as if he was some kind of ultra-intelligent super-ninja dog–there’s a brilliant bit where he mutely points out something on a monitor where I honestly expected one of the other characters to say “Good boy, Snake Eyes! Who’s a good ninja? WHO’S a good ninja? Are YOU a good ninja? Yes you are! Yes you are!”. Also the bit where two of the utterly forgettable characters run through Paris in power-armour suit things was fantastic. Oh! Oh! And the fight between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes as kids, that was EXCELLENT–not a punch pulled there, no sir! You know, I could do with a lot more of that sort of stuff in movies, two kids just beating the snot out of each other. For some reason I find that tremendously entertaining. Oh! And Ecclescake being joyously over the top as Destro, yes! So, all right, the ‘multiply the stupid by five’ comment stands, but you’ve got to multiply the ‘fun’ by the same amount, too.

District 9: PIG CANNON.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling tremendously cheered up now. Not that I was particularly down before.

BJK Factoid #67: I have such a soft spot for stupid-but-fun movies.

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