And I said, uh-oh. This is gonna be some day.

21 Mar

Fairly slow, awkward writing day today (of course I ended up writing, we all knew I would). I did break 20,000 on Power Play, but I feel like I’ll need to rewrite or delete huge swathes of this first draft later. It was good to get my words out, though. Sometimes what I’ll do when I’m feeling a bit duntish is just let the characters rabbit on to each other about whatever–I never leave these sprawling conversations in the final manuscript, but it can be a good way to find a point of interest in the scene or get a nice line or two, even if you don’t use them at that point, or even find a solution to a plotblem. Or sometimes you just end up with a load of buggery tossflaps that you’re embarrassed to even read back. Still, so long as you just keep writing eventually you’ll come up with something good. Or at the least adequate.

Aside from working on Power Play I also mucked around with some graphics, I mocked up kind of a logo thing for Mystery Kids that I think looks okay–not great, just okay. I also made a few more zombies for the Imogen Shroud cover. Layout on that one is tricky. I may have to play around with it some more, or just throw more zombies at the problem.

Current release priority: Imogen Shround, Miya Black III, Charlotte Powers 2, everything else.

BJK Factoid #29: My favourite Mario game is Super Mario World. I just love all the secrets and alternate routes and little hidden things.

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