When You Have A SuperHammer, Everything Looks Like A SuperNail

20 Mar

Passed 15,000 words on Charlotte Powers 2 last night. So far it’s mostly character and setting stuff. Having a lot of fun fleshing out the ‘super history’. Part of Charlotte’s character is that she’s a total superhero geek–well, supers are real in her world, she IS a super, and her parents were two of the most high-profile supers back before The Event, also she spent the first fifteen years of her life cooped up in her family’s secret volcano hideout, she had a lot of time to go through the archives. So she basically knows everything there is to know about every superhero or supervillain there was, all their major battles and enemies and allies and how they used their powers, so when she starts enthusing about them it’s just like she’s describing a comic book series–except it all actually happened. It leads to funny moments and sad moments (things got dark before The Event) and hopefully some points of interest, and it’s really fun to write. I also got to write a big thing I’ve been looking forward to for ages, Mr Falchion’s famous “I live with an unspeakable blessing” speech, that was (pardon the pun) super-fun.

Love superheroes. So fun, so interesting, so charged with potential.

I may actually have to cut out some of this stuff I’ve been doing. Maybe. It’s good, I like it, but it’s just advancing the characters, not the story. I feel like it’s necessary to have a little bit of a ‘buffer’ in this part of the book, but it might be going on too long. Well, in any case today I’ll definitely concentrate on story. AND characters. Also I have to figure out at which point I’m going to make ‘the switch’, it’s a big POV change AND style change and it has to be placed well or it’s just going to bring the whole book screeching to a halt. The place where I thought I was going to put it turned out to not work, so … well, I’m not sure, actually. I’ll just write and see what happens.

Promotion, promotion? I’ve read in a lot of places recently that the best promotion is writing your next book. I’m forced to agree! So I’ll be putting my head down and working today. If these two busy girls let me.

BJK Factoid #102: I regret publishing under the name Ben White because there are like a dozen authors called Ben White. I should have gone with BJK White.


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2 responses to “When You Have A SuperHammer, Everything Looks Like A SuperNail

  1. E.J. Apostrophe

    March 20, 2011 at 10:08

    Sounds interesting! The concept seems solid as well. I may need to check this out! And yes…BJK White is much more “brandable” (EJ-ism) than Ben White (too vanilla).

    • Ben White

      March 20, 2011 at 10:28

      It may be too late to change now, so I just have to work hard to become the most recognisable Ben White in the WORLD.


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