20 Mar

I’ve been using Twitter for a while now and finding it about seven-point-eight times more enjoyable than I expected. It’s fun following comedians and other interesting people, and indie authors are always diverting. I’m not thinking of it as a promotional tool, more just another way to connect with people and chat and have fun and also work stupidly hard to fit the random thoughts I have into a ridiculous 140 characters.

Twitter Good Things:
Easy and fun way to connect with people.
Being able to communicate with people you respect and admire so directly is kind of almost unbelievably amazing.
Bill Bailey’s #midsomerwire is hilarious.

Twitter Bad Things:
140 characters is a ridiculous limit.
It’s far too easy to waste time there.
I now know who Rebecca Black is.

All in all I think it’s good, I like using it and I’ll continue using it. Also despite what I said about not really using Twitter for promotion basically all of my sales lately have been through (you guessed it) Twitter–or Twitter links to my bjournal posts here, anyway, which amounts to the same thing. Exposure, connectivity, it’s all, y’know, holistic.

Thank you to everyone giving my books a try, by the way. I appreciate the chance you’re giving me, and I really hope you enjoy them.

BJK Factoid #167: It is a complete coincidence that the initial initials of my daughters’ names (Miya and Luna) begin with an M and an L. However, there is some truth to the rumour that I occasionally refer to them as Miyario and Lunigi.

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