What Will The Final Five Be?

19 Mar

I came across the beginning of a story I started ages ago today–I mean, it’s right there in my ‘writing’ folder but I tend to just skip over everything I’m not currently working on. It’s called (tentatively) “Mystery Kids” and it’s kind of my tribute to The Famous Five and Secret Seven and all those great ‘group of kids solve mysteries’ stories, as well as others like Nancy Drew. I don’t remember writing anything, I thought all I’d done was just put together some notes on the six main characters, but apparently I wrote the ‘introduction’ bit, and I read it over today. It’s really good! Fun and funny and the characters all bounce off each other nicely, and the notes I wrote about the plot are fun too–it’s a ridiculous story but it all makes a kind of internally consistent sense.

So anyway, that was fun. I’ll probably write it sometime, maybe even this year if things work out that way.

Meanwhile, more light work on CP:PP’s cover, just making more superpower icons and figuring out how to fit them in–I think I’ve got it now, I resized them all and adjusted the grid I was using to place them, so now I have room for all of them, with a couple of blank spaces. I’ll either use the blank spaces as ‘breaks’ in the overall design, or if the story happens to pick up any more powers I’ll have space for them. In total, I have space for thirty-four powers, and so far I’m using all but five of the spaces.

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