Another Glorious Day

19 Mar

I’m featured!

There was the most beautiful evenfall last night, it lasted for ages and the night was perfectly clear and everywhere you looked there were silhouettes. I love silhouettes. And today’s weather is wonderful, Nelson’s six-month summer is coming to an end and my favourite season–Autumn–is drawing near, already you can see patches of red and gold on the hills.

No sales overnight but that’s okay, maybe tomorrow, maybe later in the day. Maybe next week. Maybe next month. They’ll come eventually. Actually it seems that most people are having a slow March–Smashwords did a big promotion, discounted and free e-books, so it could be that people already have enough to read and just aren’t buying right now.

Anyway, today I think I’ll work on CP2 some more, if this poor sick baby in my lap gives me the time. Promotional activity? If I think of something, I’ll let you know.

Oh, also, ahahaha, this is kind of embarrassing but kind of funny, that review I got the other day? It turns out my father wrote it! I didn’t even make the connection–I think it’s sweet, actually, and it’s not like he’d say anything he didn’t mean. So I still haven’t had an officially official actually-counting first review yet.

BJK Factoid #90: My favourite colour is royal purple.

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