Moving Slowly Forwards. Also Beyond Good & Evil, Zelda, Tetra’s Trackers etc.

18 Mar

I COMPLETELY forgot to mention that I made some sales! One of Birds Of Passage, one of Miya Black I. Thank you, buyers/readers, I sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Also, I got a review! It’s my first review EVER. Well second. I got a review from a friend who read Miya Black but I don’t think that counts. Anyway, here it is:

(It’s for Birds Of Passage, by the way.)

“I realy enjoyed this book. Some great ideas and a bit gritty. I can’t wait for the second book in this series to be published.”

Yay! I agree completely with this review, I can’t wait for the second book to be published either. They gave the book four stars, which I also agree with–the sequel is going to be the five star one.

This morning I worked on making icons for Charlotte Powers 2–every ‘power’ has its own icon, and they’re shown on the front cover. The first had nine, the second has twenty-seven so far. It’s fun making them, and I feel like I need a little break from doing anything too intensive right now. I was pushing myself a little too hard coming off the first draft for Imogen Shroud, I always do that, I get into this mindset of having to work that hard every day, that any day in which I haven’t written 10,000 words is a day wasted, but it’s not healthy to just keep pushing yourself like that. So, for now I’m letting myself relax a little–I’m still doing things every day, but they’re light things, fun things like working on covers and graphics, writing easy notes about potential scenes and characters and conflicts, and writing a little if I feel like it. I’ll give myself a few days like this, then (quickly checks to see what day it is) on Monday I’ll get serious again.

I’m playing Beyond Good & Evil on XBLA right now, I played it years ago on the Gamecube and always remember it as being great. And it is! Really fun and really well designed, I love how compact the world is, and yet there’s always something to discover–also, it’s great how all the little sub-quests and so on have meaningful rewards. Even a simple health pack is always welcome. Something that bothered me about Twilight Princess was that every time I did a sub-quest the reward was almost always a piece of heart, which did nothing but give me more health and make an already too-easy game even easier. In a sense, my exploration was being punished, because I had more fun when combat was more tense. Contrast Link To The Past, where exploring usually turned up something optional and amazing, and even getting a piece of heart was significant because that game was actually challenging.

Now I’m thinking about Tetra’s Trackers, the best game no one ever got to play. You needed GBA SPs up the wazoo and a Gamecube and it was only on the Japanese version of Four Swords but it was AMAZING. For a start, because of how Japanese pronunciation works (as opposed to English pronunciation, which doesn’t), you could enter your name and Tetra could actually say it. That was amazing, to hear something like “Come on, Ben! Hurry up!” as she commentated. (In Japanese, of course.) That was another thing, the running commentary–you played on your GBA SP but on the TV screen was Tetra, who quipped and joked and told you about things that were happening, special events in certain areas, and sometimes they’d be a lottery or a minigame and, oh, it was just amazing. Totally amazing game unlike anything before or since, just spectacular. The actual gameplay was great, too, taking traditional top-down 2D Zelda gameplay and turning it into a kind of gameshow, where you searched for items and rupees in an enclosed area.

BJK Factoid #173: My favourite Zelda game is Wind Waker. Then Majora’s Mask. Then LttP.

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