Where Shall I Put My Face

17 Mar

Started actually writing Charlotte Powers: Power Play today, pretty much by accident. “I just fell over and my fingers fell on the keyboard in such a way that a sentence was formed, it was weird!” Actually I was doing some formatting stuff, trying a few things out, and I needed to write something to see how it’d look and before I knew it I had 2,000 words and had to force myself to stop.

Also, whoops! I only just realised that the picture-linky-buy-my-booky things only show up on the ‘main’ site, not individual posts linked from Twitter. Not quite sure what to do about that. Probably I should make my own website, it’s not like I’m unqualified, but that would take time, time better spent writing. Although actually, if someone comes here and doesn’t even look around then let’s face it, they’re probably not that interested anyway.

Promotional thing for the day … honestly, I got nothing. Can’t think of a single thing. Maybe a re-cap of things I’ve tried already?

This Journal: I’m having fun and I’m glad I started it, but no sales.

Goodreads Group: Honestly I’m a little uncomfortable about Goodreads. I spend some time there every day, trying to find threads to respond to and just fiddling around, but I always come away with an odd little empty feeling in my stomach. No sales.

Book Giveaway: It’s been up for more than a day; one lovely message of support from a fellow indie author, no responses.

Twitter: I’m enjoying Twitter more than I expected. It’s bringing in a lot of readers to this journal (Hi, Tweeps!) but, you guessed it, no sales.

Facebook: Over two hundred people in my group; no sales. I blame this on Facebook’s baffling policy of not allowing you to invite people to a group, you just add them to a group then it’s up to them to opt out. Bizarre. My sister handles this side of things because she’s good at ‘social’, to be honest I still don’t really understand how Facebook works, it’s either really buggy (which seems unlikely) or just operates according to principles alien to my poor brain. Posting on the Kindle fan page got me two sales but made me feel really uncomfortable and sleazy and gross.

New Covers: I love the new covers, I feel they’re better in every way and make the books look so much more attractive. Have they brought in any sales? Nope.

Cover Critique Blog: Scheduled for an appearance next month.

Reviews: No responses yet.

Indie Book Lounge: Actually, this is the thing I feel most positive about. No link yet because it hasn’t gone ‘live’, but it’s a great little site for indie authors to put their books. Nice interface, attractive design, good character. Will it attract readers? Who knows, but it’s nice to use and nice to look at and it makes me feel good, A+.

Project Wonderful: Lots of clicks, no sales. Once Imogen Shroud is released I’ll do a big campaign and see how that goes.

I think that’s everything I’ve tried so far. Maybe I’ll think of something new later today. For now, writing.

BJK Factoid #123: I think we should start calling them Bjournals instead of Blogs.

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