Startling Revelation! Things Will Never Be The Same!

17 Mar

Still haven’t thought of anything to do re: promotion but the Indie Book Lounge is now live apparently, so that’s good. I love the bald guy with the awesome expression, that is exactly what I’m going to look like in twenty years or so.

BJK Factoid #186: I like beards.

I spent about half an hour this morning looking for things to do promote myself, but just ended up frustrated and tired. I think that’s the biggest problem, if I have a clear path forward, if I have a ‘next step’ to busy myself with I’m fine, but once I hit a dead-end and can’t think of anything else I could be doing, that’s when I start feeling down. Also, all of this self-promotion stuff is exhausting and embarrassing and almost painful, it makes it much more frustrating to get literally no results when I’m working this hard, doing things I really would rather not be doing. It also often feels like a huge waste of time, time that I’d much rather be spending just working.

But oh well. I’m not complaining, or at least I’m trying not to, just getting down how I’m feeling. Honesty is important. As much as anything this is a record of my progress as an indie author, it wouldn’t make for a very good story if I started off with instant success and didn’t have to work for anything and was just 100% cheery and enthusiastic all the time.

Let’s talk about something positive! I wrote some more on Power Play today, I forget how easy first person diary-format stuff is. It’s just like … wait a minute, it’s just like writing in this journal! I just took a break from writing a diary to WRITE A DIARY. The only difference is, one is fictitious. Yep, that’s right, THIS entire journal has been an elaborate hoax, a marketing technique for the new book I’m releasing: Ben White, The Gloomiest Indie Author. I’m actually a fifteen year-old superhero named Charlotte Powers, and I have fooled you ALL.

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