I’m, Just Tripping, On Covers. Just Tripping, Just Tripping, On Covers~

17 Mar

I didn’t really intend to make a new cover for Charlotte Powers, but I was looking at it today and thought “No, that could be better” and then half an hour later I had a new cover. I’m still not 100% on it, though. Definitely the rearranged icons are an improvement, but the font for the title itself … also, despite feeling that an actual ‘book number’ is essential, actually figuring out where to put it was a chore. But anyway, old on the left, new on the right:

Looking at it now, especially the thumbnails, I definitely like the new one more. I’ll just throw together a quick mock-up of the second book’s cover and see how it looks:

The icons would be different in the final version (there’ll be a lot more of them, for a start), and I might change the colour too (red kind of fits, though). Still, not bad. I think the volume number looks okay, too, kind of a ‘choose your own adventure’ vibe, and there’s nothing more superhero-futuristic than a hexagon.

BJK Factoid #561: I once misheard my wife saying “Suupu mo aru yo” as “Super Mario”. It was hilarious.

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