If I don’t post again it’s because a beetle ate me

17 Mar

Someone came to this journal with the search term “writing is not hard”; sir or madam, I salute you.

Someone also came here with the search term “the undying apathy of imogen shroud buy” which cheered me up a lot; whoever you are, thanks! It’s coming soon, I promise, I’m proofing as hard as I can over here! I CANNAE PROOF NAE HARDER!

BJK Factoid #156: I am 1/8 Scottish.

So I’ve had this bjournal for a week now (it’s pronouced with a Swedish accent, incidentally, almost like Bjornal except bjournal; spread the word) and already I’ve posted almost thirty entries. Maybe I had more to say than I expected? Am I posting TOO much? Probably but oh well. In any case OH HOLY MOTHER OF SPAGNUM THERE IS AN ENORMOUS BEETLE CRAWLING TOWARDS ME AAAAAARRGH nope, changed direction, now it’s on the curtain. Everything’s fine, folks, false alarm, sorry about that. It is huge though, at least two inches long. I think I’ll just leave it be and hope its intentions are not hostile.

Did I tell you about the other day when I got attacked by leaves? It was so weird, I was just standing there eating a biscuit when a leaf whacked me in the chest, soon followed by three more. There were about a dozen other people around me but no one else got hit, I think that tree had it in for me.

Does anyone else dislike ‘five star’ rating systems? For me there’s not enough variance there, I prefer a mark-out-of-ten system. Five star ratings; fine for restaurants and hotels, other things are more subtle.

Speaking of five star ratings, are you reading Goblins? If not, why not? This latest little bit has been brilliant. It starts off slow and kind of silly but as soon as it stops being a joke-a-day comic and the story starts up it gets really good really fast. Kin is adorable.

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