This Is Me, Twonking

15 Mar

Hahaha I was mucking around making mock-up covers for future books in the Miya Black series and I accidentally saved over the Fractured Lives one I made yesterday, what a dolt. You could have called me Adolt Hitler. I was certainly practising ‘adoltery’ at that particular moment. If you had to compare me to a famous author, that author might very well be Doltoevsky. It’s not a big deal but still, whoops! Ahahahaha.

BJK Factoid #3: I am such a twonk sometimes.

I also looked at maybe redoing the Birds Of Passage cover but actually I’m pretty happy with it. I have the colours worked out for each book–Birds Of Passage is themed around ‘the sky’ and so uses yellow and blue and orange, like a gently burning sunset. Against Darker Days is themed around ‘the earth’ and will use angry reds and dark browns, possibly some dark purple. Ruins Of Energy is themed around ‘the ocean’ and will use deep greys and blues, with flecks of white.

Still haven’t decided what to work on, I kind of just want to bugger around playing Torchlight but that’s not going to get me any closer to my goals (although I did find a nifty-neato Unique pistol last night, now my character’s a cutlass-and-pistol wielding pirate). Right. I shall sit down and force myself to go through my options and make a considered choice. Maybe I should read what I have already, remind myself of why I want to do these things. I find it difficult to switch enthusiasm quickly–for weeks I was concentrating only on Imogen Shround, now that it’s over it’s hard to just go straight into something else.

BJK Factoid #359: If I was auditioning for one of the Idol shows or similar, I would sing Bic Runga’s ‘Dust’ and blow the judges out of their chairs–literally.

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