The Dull Stabbing Pain Of Criticism, Goals, Troping, Indecision

15 Mar

I submitted the new Adventure Dawns cover to Cover Art Review, which is a fun little critique blog. I think I take criticism quite well, but there’s always that initial, oof, that first little stab of cold pain through your chest when someone’s less than 100% enthusiastic about you or your work. Maybe other people don’t get this, for me it’s something I have to overcome every time. Still, I like getting feedback, positive or negative. That’s why the Internet is great, people don’t have to see the look of anguish on my face as I read about how terrible I am.

I’m not actually counting that as my promotion for the day, mostly because it’ll take a while for it to come up in the queue. So sometime today I have to come up with another idea for promoting myself. Hmm.

In the meantime, let’s talk about goals. Are goals important? I think so, yes. Here are my current goals for 2011:

Sell 108 books. Why 108 rather than a neat 100? Well if you have to ask

Publish The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud, Miya Black III: Fractured Lives and IV: This Impossible World, This Impossible Girl, Resonance Book Two: Against Darker Days, Jean Scarlet: Swansong, and Charlotte Powers: Power Play. (Phew!) Ambitious but achievable, I think.

This song is good, what is this? Markus Schultz, ‘Goodbye’. I like this, this is nice.

That wasn’t a goal, I just got distracted. Um, where was I? More long-term goals? Well, why not! Let’s go:

Publish forty books before I turn forty.

Get a TVTropes page for one of my books, made by a fan rather someone I asked to do it. Also, have one of my works be the source of a Most Triumphant Example, Codifier, or Namer for a trope. A couple of Crowners would also be lovely.

I owe TVTropes a lot. I honestly don’t think I’d be half as good a writer without it. Also, I love finishing a work and then scurrying over to TVTropes to see what other people made of it. Or just reading the TVTropes page for something I can’t be bothered actually reading/watching/playing; efficient!

Yesterday was a break day after finishing the first draft of Imogen Shroud, but today I have to start working again. That means deciding what to work on. There are a couple of options in front of me:

Do the final proof on Miya Black III
Except I still feel like I need a little more distance from this one, a little more time apart.

Work on Resonance Book Two: Against Darker Days
Which would mean notes, research and outlining. Lots of outlining.

Work on Charlotte Powers: Power Play
This is the project I’m the furthest through–I have lots of notes and a substantial chunk of it already outlined. I could even start writing at this point.

Work on Jean Scarlet: Swansong
I do want to write this one, but maybe not just yet.

Proof-and-editing run on Miya Black IV
I have to admit that this is tempting. But also not the most efficient use of my time right now. I just kind of want to read it again.

Well, anyway, while I think about what I should be doing, let’s distract ourselves with a BJK Factoid TRIPLE THREAT:

BJK Factoid #38: My favourite PSX game is Vagrant Story.

BJK Factoid #39: My favourite Final Fantasy is VIII.

BJK Factoid #40: My favourite Breath of Fire is Dragon Quarter.

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