Just Bopping Along, Doing My Thing

15 Mar

Thanks to my amazing wonderful gorgeous brilliant etc. wife taking care of babies and cooking dinner and basically doing everything like some kind of remarkable super woman, I was able to concentrate on writing and nothing else for a little while this evening, and I feel much better now. I think those dark patches come to everyone once in a while, and I’m always a little vulnerable and sensitive after coming off a period of intense focus. ‘Finished First Draft Doldrums’ and all that. I followed my own advice and Just Kept Writing, forced myself at first but after ten minutes or so I was happily putting along doing some outlining, even some first drafting. This, more than lack-of-sales, was at the root of my gloominess; I wasn’t actively working on anything. The lack of sales just tipped me over the edge for a little while.

Now, I shall perform a short song pertinent to the situation, dedicated to myself:

Have patience, have patience
Don’t be in such a hurry
If you just
Have patience
You’ll find no need, to worry
Remember, remember
That I have patience too
And think of all the many times
That I’ve
For you

Also I watched these two videos again and they cheered me right up:

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