Saaaaaample … SUNDAY!

14 Mar

Today is SAMPLE SUNDAY! Well it’s not, actually, but since New Zealand is a day ahead of a lot of other places I thought I should wait. Hello … from the FUTURE!

I’m going to put an excerpt from Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage, since I haven’t done much to spread the word about it. Here we go!

~ Revenant ~

The Long Goodbye

Warmth. Gentle, flickering light, dancing over the leaves and the earth and the rocks, painting them all in countless shades of red and yellow and orange.

simply had to meet you. You see, my little friend here told me that you were rather special.”

Voices. Voices interrupting the complex perfection of the fire’s light.

“Don’t tell anyone I have that, by the by, it’s supposed to be something of a secret.”

Words. Useless, pointless words.

Then, shock. Realisation. This is the Judging Place. It exists! Despite my doubt I have come here! Finally, finally I can

“There’s a certain someone in my life who would be more than a little unhappy to find out that I possessed such a toy.”

Further realisation. Deeper shock. This is not the Judging Place. This is the forest outside of Sufferance. These are not Judges. These are normal people.

Somehow, I am not dead.

Somehow, I am alive.

“But, oh, where are my manners? I haven’t even introduced myself yet. I shall do so now, then.”

Memories, then. Of faces. Of voices. These voices said words that were not useless. Sometimes the words were not important, but rather what lay behind the words. Beyond them.

Naz’s head rolled to the left. He could see everything. The two men. The girl, tied to a tree. I know her, he thought. That is the girl who met me when I was dead, the girl who showed me the way back.

Why is she tied to a tree?

Why am I tied to a tree?

Something is very wrong here.

“My name is Edward Swift.”

The girl was silent. From somewhere her name came to Naz: Lina.

“Come now,” said the young man with useless words; Edward. “I was expecting more of a reaction than that. What’s your name?”

Lina didn’t reply.

“Fine then,” said Edward, a little pout to his voice. “You don’t want to tell me your name. I can understand that. You’re playing hard to get, which I appreciate. Perhaps you could tell me something else, then.”

Edward stepped closer to Lina, still smiling, always smiling.

“What’s your power? What can you do?”

Lina just looked at him.

“Because I know you can do somethingyes, I do. I’d say Pyre there’s a wimpy little ‘pure’ adept, but that’s just a guess. How about you, farm girl? Control over plants, maybe? Can you make your tomatoes oh so plump and juicy? Come on, you can tell meor don’t.”

Edward’s smile became just a little brighter, just a little wider. When he spoke again there was a catch of pleasure in his voice:

“That would be much more fun.”

Lina remained silent.

“Oh, good.”

Edward took another step towards Lina. He held up his hand, displaying it to her, turning it this way and that. There was a faint blurry glow in the air above his palm, and a low, deep hissing sound.

“I’ll go first, then,” he said, his tone light and friendly. “I control fire. One of my favourite things to do with it is to make people hurt. I’ve gotten this flame hot enough to melt lead before, can you imagine what it does to human flesh?”

Edward took another step towards Lina, close enough to touch her now. Her eyes were on him, big and bright and terrified.

“Are you going to talk? You look wonderfully scared. I’ll ask again, with the hope that you don’t answer: what do you control?”

Lina just stared, her whole body shaking. Naz longed to do something, to reach out to her, to somehow break his bonds and leap to her rescue, but he could do nothing. I am weak, he thought, useless, I cannot save the girl who saved me, I am worthless, I was not worth saving.

Edward was grinning at Lina now. He glanced back at Ren, who was obviously enjoying this just as much as he was.

“One final time, Ren?” he asked. Ren shrugged in response, grinning. “I think it would be best.” Edward turned back to look at Lina. “One final time, so that I cannot later be accused of being unfair. What power do you have, farm girl? What do you control?”

Lina made a sound; not a squeak, not a whimper, but more a tiny, contained sob. To Naz, it sounded like nothing less than pure fear.

Edward’s bright hazel eyes ran over Lina’s body, searching, appraising. After a few seconds they settled on her right upper arm. He raised his hand again, the glow above his palm brighter than before, more focused, showing it to her, the light of it reflected in her terrified eyes.

“We begin,” he said, and then slowly, luxuriantly, he reached towards her arm


Ren stepped forward as Edward staggered back. Jek looked up from sharpening his axe.

Lina stood, still tied to the tree, panting, almost crying, her upper arm scorched. But when Edward looked up at her, pain and fury in his eyes, Lina’s heavy breathing stopped and she looked straight back at him, and when she spoke it was with more controlled calm than panicked fear:

“I control pain.”

Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage – Available now for the Kindle eReader, 99 cents. It’s a pretty long book so the sample is huge! So there’s this tremendous sense of value. Anyway, it’s a great book, and I wrote it so I should know. Give it a try and see if it’s to your taste. What have you got to lose?

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