Finishing. Really Finishing.

14 Mar

I’m writing the final scenes of Imogen Shroud now. Right now it could be considered the climax of the book. Everything that came before was building to this point. This is the moment. And a dozen tiny things I hadn’t even thought of are part of it. A dozen tiny decisions, seemingly insignificant, all coming together to allow an outcome that would otherwise have been impossible.

I love this kind of thing. Reading something and going “Oh! Because she … and when she … because she took … and she didn’t … and he … ooooh lovely”.

One part came out of absolutely nowhere and is now perhaps my favourite part of the whole scene, it just slotted it so nicely and naturally and it adds so much to the ‘moment’.

But anyway, enough about that. Back to writing.

And it’s done. Phew. And here comes the emptiness. But that’s okay, that’s normal. And here comes the ‘Argh it’s worthless, nobody will’–

Hm. That passed surprisingly quickly. Maybe this one really is good. Let’s unwind with a BJK Factoid.

BJK Factoid #66: Spider Jerusalem is my spirit animal.

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