Cover-Me-Do 2: Electric Coverloo

14 Mar

BJK Factoid #76: My favourite episode of Cowboy Bebop is Hard Luck Woman.

I’ve been taking it easy today, not doing much at all, although I did play around with covers a little bit, and I ended up with a design that I really like:

I’m really very happy indeed with how these turned out, the only thing I’m not entirely sure about is the corner volume number, I think it could probably be better–and there’s a weird optical illusion where it appears that volume two’s is smaller than volume one’s. It’s not, by the way, I checked. As a matter of possible interest, these covers are 100% vector graphics, aside from the black background.

Anyway, I think this are a huge improvement over the old covers and I’m just tickled pink with them. I had trouble figuring out the design until I realised that the problem was that the volume logo and the title were competing–when you looked at the cover, your eye was drawn to both; it wasn’t clear which was dominant. So, I put the logo behind the title and suddenly everything worked–especially after I added a drop shadow to the title to make it stand out more. I also love the continuity of it, it’s utterly transparent that these are two books in the same series, and just by looking at the covers you can see that Adventure Dawns is first and Freedom & Responsibility is second. Everything shows up well on the thumbnail, too, yes sir, I am pleased as punch with these. Whether or not they’ll translate to more sales, who knows.

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