Tu-wit tu-woo! Tu-wit tu-woo! Tu-wit–no, no, you’re doing it wrong

12 Mar

If my calculations are correct, this post will be tweeted! Yes, today I started a new Twitter account as my self-promotional activity. I’m following George Takei! He tweets exactly like he talks, it’s amazing. I realise that this has nothing to do with promoting myself but shut up! I’m excited! George Takei!

BJK Factoid #25: I love George Takei.

So now this post will show up on Twitter and it’s mostly a post about how I’m on Twitter now and oh my goodness the recursiveness of it all!

To be honest I’m not actually sure how having a Twitter account will help me gain exposure for my books, but oh well, it can’t hurt, right? As for my other activities, I’m a little scared of Goodreads for some reason, it makes me nervous to post there. I don’t know why, maybe the layout? I’m enjoying posting to this journal, this is fun. Still haven’t quite figured out how I might give away books and still feel a little odd about that in any case. I had a look at my blurbs and they still seem fine, although to be honest Power Down’s could probably do with some tightening. Miya Black covers still need work.

Today I spent some time looking at blogs that review indie books, but none of them seemed really right, and the big ones have massively long waiting lists–I know, I know, submit now so that in a couple of months I might get a review, everyone says ‘get reviews if you want exposure’ and of course they’re right. Although to be honest I don’t really read reviews until after I’ve read a book. Is that weird? But I’m not interested in what other people have to say about it until I’ve read it myself–I like getting different perspectives on things I’ve experienced. But it seems that a lot of people are scared of even trying the sample of a book unless it has some reviews, even not so favourable ones … kind of a Catch-22 situation there, people won’t read your book until it’s reviewed, and your book won’t get reviewed unless it’s read.

Welp, back to work. This book isn’t going to write itself. If I’d worked on it this evening instead of buggering around trying to figure out what to do to promote myself it’d probably be finished by now.

Oh, also, Twitter … thing is here:

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