Writing IS The Easy Part

10 Mar

And everything else is MUCH harder.

My name is Ben White. I’m twenty-nine years old and live in sunny Nelson, New Zealand. In four days I will have been married for three years. I have two gorgeous daughters, aged nineteen months and nine months. My wife and I currently have no plans for further children; having two-under-two makes making ANY plans difficult.

Also, I’m a writer. I put all the family stuff first because no matter how much I love writing, family is now and will always be the most important thing in my life. With that said writing is also tremendously important to me. Why? Lots of reasons. But mostly because I like stories and I like entertaining people. Making people happy makes me happy. I think a lot of writers would agree with me, that more than anything else “I enjoyed your book” is what it’s all about.

I write young adult fiction, but forget that. It’s only ‘young adult fiction’ because there’s no convenient sub-sub-sub-genre to lump my stories into. Actually forget that too, it sounds pretentious–look, I write stories and some young people would probably like them and some older people would probably like them too, depending entirely on the individual. Sometimes I say that I write young adult fantasy-adventure stories for grown-ups (or adults, at least) who love young adult fantasy-adventure stories. Sometimes I say that I write books for precocious young people of all ages. Quite often I say that I’m writing all of my books for my ten-year-old self, who would (I can say with some authority) love to pieces everything that I write.

But enough about that.

This journal was started because I hate self-promotion. Hate it hate it hate it. I’d quite happily just sit in a subtle corner and write if I could, but because I’ve chosen the path of independence that’s not an option–or it is, except that I actually want people to read my books, and so I have to let them know that they exist. To that end, as a starting point, this journal exists. My pledge is that I will post at least one entry every day, possibly about what else I’m doing that day to promote myself and my books. I’m not sure how much I have to say about anything, or how valuable my opinion might be, but I’ll be posting anyway, about my career–such as it is–as an independent author with approximately 1/8 of a sale per day who writes like a maniac (in terms of output) and who is striving to make himself known despite near-crippling promophobia.

It’s an adventure. Parts of it are fun. Parts of it are REALLY fun (mostly the ‘sitting alone in a dark room cackling as I write’ parts, I admit). Parts of it are painful and difficult and awful. But all in all, it’s worth doing.

In closing, if you’ve come here from the future to read about the humble beginnings of the famous and beloved author Benjamin Joseph Kuniyoshi White then let me be the first to say, “Are there flying cars yet? I can’t even drive, I just want to see cars all flying around the place. Hoverboards would also be nice, I mean come on, Back To The Future: Part Two is over twenty years old now and we’re only four years away from 2015; we’ve got some catching up to do, people!”.


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2 responses to “Writing IS The Easy Part

  1. debi

    March 10, 2011 at 20:07

    Wow! I could have written most of this post myself!

    I, too, write for young adult/adults who think they’re still young/adults who know they’re not so young, but like to read about being young/etc. It’s such a fun genre.

    And I’m indie published. And I absolutely hate self-promotion. It’s like constant public speaking when the lights are blinding you so you can’t quite see the audience, but you still feel like you’re standing there in your underwear and while you can’t see people laughing at you, know know they are . . .

    Yeah, self-promotion is the hard part.

    I’m going to follow you, though, to see what’s working for you (and if it’s not too scary, I may just try some thing, too!).

    Good luck!

    • Ben White

      March 10, 2011 at 21:26

      This is what I love about being an independent author–we’re all in this together 🙂 And I think there are a lot of indie authors just like us, who love writing but not the rest of it–but it’s something we all have to learn to live with, to become good at, and maybe even to enjoy if we’re going to get people to read our books.

      Thanks for your comment, thank you for following me, and I hope you get something from my posts, even if it’s just a laugh at my fumbling attempts to get noticed while not really wanting to draw attention to myself at all.

      By the way, want to know something really weird? As much as I hate self-promotion, I actually enjoy public speaking–so long as I’ve had time to prepare my speech and practise it and so forth, of course. Maybe because in that case I’m speaking ABOUT something? Well anyway. Good luck to you too; the best of luck.


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